zaterdag 28 april 2012

With Maarten in Sint Maarten

It's april now and Mell & Nick told me to write more in English! They are right!
I went home in the beginning of april, because my mother was sick. She recovered good, but can't speak very well (and that's an understatement...). We hope that will be alright in the future, but we don't know...
On board is everything ok. I'm becoming a big lady, with my baby-belly. Everything is fine with the baby, it kicks a lot! I'm feeling good and can still climb a crater. We did that in Sint Eustatius where we just come from. A very nice walk together with the Tahira.
Maarten has got a new hobby--> windsurfing. Here in Sint Maarten the wind is very strong and good to do that, so he's having fun! He's also going to work here on board of the La Goelle. They wanted him to help with the preparation for their big crossing next month. So that's what he's going to do the next couple of days. Except on monday, than it's Queensday and we're gonna celebrate that in Philipsdorp, on the Dutch site here in Sint Maarten.
Miss Luna is very fine as well. Lazy in daytime and playing and running around the boat in nighttime. We were in a harbor lately in Basseterre, Sint Kitts, and then she goos off the boat at night. No problem so far.   But bringing a big friend with her to the  boat was a problem--> a big fat cockroach!! At the same time we're trying to get  rid of them -already for months!!!!- so we kicked him immediately out. She was so proud she caught him...

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