zaterdag 28 juli 2012

maandag 23 juli 2012


We have a good time in Bonaire. People are friendly, our little house is very nice, the cat is used to the house as well, we meet nice new people, our boat has a good place in a harbor and most important, I'm still feeling good with the baby in my belly.
It may come out now. That's a strange thing. Because it could also take another two weeks before it will  come, we don't know. We are ready for it, that's for sure. And at the same time...are you ever ready for such a thing...?
In the meantime, we snorkel a lot, Maarten goes windsurfing with our neighbor about twice a week, he works on the boats and repairs things with his sewing machine for people on the island. People start to know he's here and start to know what he's capable off, that's very nice.
On a island like this, a lot of people come and go, so everybody is used to quick contact and for short periods. So are we, after traveling on a boat for a year. So that's a good thing.
We're good and looking forward to be with the three of us!