woensdag 30 mei 2012


Here we are!
It's hot hot hot in Bonaire, but we do enjoy it to be here. We are very happy with our new home. Sleeping on the boat was a real problem with the heat and the mosquitoes. In our sweet little cottage we have a big bed with air-conditioning. How luxury!!
There are more luxury things to enjoy in our house: a big fridge, a freezer, a normal toilet, a shower and a washing machine! We love being on our boat, but have to admit that after living on the boat for a year, we really enjoy the 'normal' house stuff. Especially with my big baby belly!
We also like it to really live here for a while. That's a big difference with traveling, when you only stay for maximum a week or two. Bonaire is a small island, so it's easy to find your way. We love the animals on the island, for example the iguana's in our backyard and the donkey's who run around freely.
There's a lot to do for us: Cleaning our boat, fixing our boat, going to the obstetrician, finding work and making new friends. We enjoy it all.

zaterdag 12 mei 2012

We had a great time in Sint Maarten. The carnival on Queensday -30 april- was a big party. You can see an movie from it on our website--> movie (filmpjes) number 9. Then Maarten worked hard and with a lot of joy on the La Goelle, another Dutch boat. From Sint Maarten lots of Dutch friends are going in a different direction. So we had lots of goodbye-drinks.
With boat Tahira we sailed to Sint Barts, what an expensive island!!! If you don't pay attention, you pay €6,- for a bear!?!?! That only happens once, ok, twice to be honest... It is a pleasant island to be. The nature is lovely, the people are friendly, nature is beautiful.
Yesterday, the plan was to leave the island for Saba, but we didn't make it. We sail together with the Tahira and they had motor troubles. Smoke and water in the engine room--> no good! We threw a line to them and dragged them to the harbor. Quite exiting to throw a line on open see to a uncontrollable boat! But we made it.
Now Maarten is helping Arthur out with his engine. We hope that the right parts arrived this afternoon. The plan is to leave tomorrow, if the reparation is finished this evening. We'll see. We skip Saba and go straight to Los Rockos, an island above Venezuela. In about 12 days we'll be in Bonaire, where we're gonna live for about half a year. That's gonna be a new phase. Looking forward to that too.

For the carnival movie, you can also use this link: