woensdag 16 november 2011

First English Story.

We've met so many people from other country's, that I'm making a new blog. I hope my English is still good enough for writing. I hope so.
We're at la Gomera at the moment. After three weeks in La Palma, we're already two weeks here. Time goes really fast. We spent most our time in the marina. That's because we're doing lots of work and also because it's a pleasant marina. Many nice people, all with different story's, plans and ideas. So besides working, we also chat a lot. Maarten has a new sewing machine and spent lots of hours working on it. Also for other people, so sometimes we even earn some money. That's nice.
New motor parts arrived last week, so now our oil-leaking-problem should be solved. We move on to the Cape Verde this day, so we'll be at see for about a week. Looking forward to it!

ps. If you want to read our earlier story's--> use google translation. They say it works quite well.