maandag 23 januari 2012

Rain and other little inconveniences

It rains a lot and hard here!
It's nice that it's cool for the moment, so we enjoy that now. Soon enough it will be hot here in the Caribbean.  We even sleep under feathers! That's really nice. Although the swell makes us roll a lot, so I don't sleep that well.  Maarten sleeps better. 
Saturday and sunday were working day's. The cockroaches war is still going on. So I cleaned the whole kitchen and every cupboard, took everything out and than sprayed. After that we made sure we were gone for a couple of ours, so the bad smell would be gone by the time we got back.
On sunday we cleaned out the bilges. We knew there was a bit of water in them. What we didn't know was the couscous-explosion who had taken place there. It was such a big mess!!! And couscous goes everywhere...bleh. But at last it was al nice and clean again. 
Sunday at 15.30 we discovered a little water leak above the alternator and that the alternator broke down. So no more power and without the sun and wind the sun-panels and wind-generator worked just good enough to keep the fridge cold. And that was important, because we were having a sunday afternoon boat party. 
At 16.00 we were still in our old clothes, when the first guests arrived. With about ten people, drinks, snacks and soup, we had a lovely little party. So the day ended very nice. 

Now it's monday and we're bringing the alternator to the mechanic. It's of course in Caribbean style...he didn't show up in the right time. Now, a couple of hours later, it's dry and time to jump in the dingy to see if he arrived. 

We made it to Tobago!

The trip was horrible, sick all the time, but once we're in the Caribbean it's all forgotten. Almost immediately, almost... It's so amazing we made it up to here ourselves. With our own boat. I'm walking on the white beach with the palm trees behind me, looking at the incredible view of the boats. One of them is ours and we're really here. Wauw.

vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Leaving Suriname

We loved it a lot here! But it's time to go. Actually we planed to leave two day's ago. Arranging things here takes more time than you think. And yesterday we had a big adventure with another boat who got of his anchor. No fun at all. The damage was not so big, with all the people around we managed that. Maarten made me almost have a heart attack. One boat was drifting to another one, where I was drinking coffee. Maarten saw it happening and went with his dingy between the bumping boats! The last thing I saw off him was him being splashed! BUT fortunately he jumped off the dingy in time, but it really freaked me out.  So after this 'event' witch took us all day too manage, because the skipper was not on board... we needed some rest. Excitement exhausts you.
Tomorrow we go. Heading for Tobago or Grenada, depending on the wind.

zondag 1 januari 2012

Glad to be in Suriname!

We arrived safe and well in Suriname, Paramaribo,
our boom broke, but we repared it already.