donderdag 16 februari 2012

Caribbean life

We're in Chatham Bay, Union Island. It's very pretty here! Turtles swimming round the boat, nice little bars on the white sandy beach, snorkling and spearfishing, we can do it all here. Our dinghy had to be repared, so that was a bit unhandy for a couple of days. Can't go anywhere when you're ankering. Fortunately we have friends around us who pick us up. And in two days Maarten repared it again. 
"We don't do anything with Valentine", I said to the waitres....not knowing that Maarten and Nick arranged a surprice dinner at that bar that evening for Mell and me. Very nice. They even arranged a big dinghy so the lady's and there dresses wouldn't get wet. It was a perfect evening. 
Need to solve some problems back home with our house. Luckaly we got friends and family who're helping us. Meanwhile I get a pregnant looking belly and feel good. We're doing fine here in the Caribbean.  

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