vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Leaving Suriname

We loved it a lot here! But it's time to go. Actually we planed to leave two day's ago. Arranging things here takes more time than you think. And yesterday we had a big adventure with another boat who got of his anchor. No fun at all. The damage was not so big, with all the people around we managed that. Maarten made me almost have a heart attack. One boat was drifting to another one, where I was drinking coffee. Maarten saw it happening and went with his dingy between the bumping boats! The last thing I saw off him was him being splashed! BUT fortunately he jumped off the dingy in time, but it really freaked me out.  So after this 'event' witch took us all day too manage, because the skipper was not on board... we needed some rest. Excitement exhausts you.
Tomorrow we go. Heading for Tobago or Grenada, depending on the wind.

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